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On the 18th June, 2022 during episode 236 of The Trance Empire live broadcast, I announced that I am dedicating my record 'The Ones We Loved' to those lives that have been lost due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.


I also announced that I would donate 100% of all royalties raised from the streaming, sales and radio play of this record to the Ukrainian Refugee Fund.

Please do stream, download, share and support this record on your favourite music platforms. Every play counts and I guarantee that all the money raised from this record as royalties - which is the money I would receive - will go to the Refugee Fund.

Thank you so much for any and all the support you can give this record.

Announcement 1 - June 18 2022

The Trance Empire episode 236

Announcement 2 - June 25 2022

The Trance Empire episode 237

Announcement 3 - July 2 2022

The Trance Empire episode 238


  • Coming 01/07
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