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The Trance Empire 216

Another red hot session of The Trance Empire awaits you in episode 216 as Rodman spins awesome new tracks from Paul Courbet, Talla 2xlc, Dominant Space, Thomas Lloyd, Aly & Fila and many more.


Yoel Lewis - Dubai [A State of Trance]

Amin Salmee, D72 - Tears of Yesterday [Black Hole]

Pennyman - Saveria [Always Alive]

H.M.B.L. - Hadar [Digital Society]

Paul Courbet - We Can Remember Tonight [Phoenix]

Rodman's Hottest Track

Airwalk3r, Solar Vision - Revenge [Future Sequence]

Talla 2xlc - The Rebel [Technoclub Retro]

TTE Clubber's Choice

Daniel Kandi, Parnassvs - Diversion [Always Alive]

Dominant Space, Evan Henzi - We All Need Love [GO MUSIC]

Christopher Corrigan - With You [Suanda Music]

Nord Horizon - MotherEarth [Molekular Sound]

Thomas Lloyd - Storm [Redux 138]

Anton By, DaWTone - Age Of Samsara [Redux]

NrgMind - Hyperspeed [Full On 140]

TTE Classic Selection

Marcel Woods - Advanced [High Contrast 2005]

Aly & Fila, Scott Bond, Charlie Walker - Shadow (Paul Denton Remix) [FSOE]

Eximinds, Joe Jury, Norni - Fall Apart (Alexander Komarov Remix) [Interplay]

Rodman - Freight Train [Gold Standard]

LillyRazy - System Type R [Last State]

Shugz, Connor Woodford - No Control [Outburst]

Størmbrand - Starlights [Trancespired]

Rich Miller - Revelations [Anomaly]

Vote your favourite track of this week's show as the Clubber's Choice


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