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January 2022 Mix

Rodman selects his top 10 tracks played on The Trance Empire during the month of January 2022.

Listen to the tracks mixed in full by Rodman as a DJ mix, or buy the individual tracks from Beatport:


Amin Salmee, D72 - Tears of Yesterday [Black Hole]

Arctic Moon - The Great Unknown [FSOE]

Tonerush & Double Kay - Supernova [Ablazing]

The WLT - Waiting Here For You [Find Your Harmony]

Airwalk3r, Solar Vision - Revenge [Future Sequence]

Ralphie B - The Raid [Nocturnal Knights Music]

Amir Reza - Shadow [Galaxia]

DJ Eternity - Nordic Dream [#WeAreTrance]

NrgMind - Hyperspeed [Full On 140 Records]

Alex Wright - Mirai [FSOE Fables]


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