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Blinding Lights Vol. 1 - Mixed by Rodman

blinding lights volume 1 mixed by rodman

Rodman's first official mix compilation and the start of a new series of mixed Trance compilations, Blinding Lights Volume 1 is a 14 track journey through the very best in Trance music from the last twelve months, including two in the mix from Rodman himself.

Curated and mixed by Rodman, Blinding Lights is a testament to those artists and records which have inspired Rodman and stood out beyond others when played on The Trance Empire weekly broadcasts.

Blinding Lights Vol. 1 Tracklist:

  1. Rodman - Maelstrom [Gold Standard]

  2. Edward Rohm - Tochpan [We Are Trance]

  3. Elixus - Dreamland [We Are Trance]

  4. Semper T. - Stranger On Empty Streets [Radiation]

  5. Brent Rix - I Still [Ablazing]

  6. A.R.D.I. & MILLEY - Better [AVA White]

  7. Pierre Pienaar & That Girl - Home [GO MUSIC]

  8. Ariams vs. Arabax ft. Ala - Free (Last Soldier Remix) [Last State]

  9. Master Beat Projekt - Deep Emotions [TranZone]

  10. Sonia Douglas - December 22 (Rodman's Blinding Lights Remix) [Gold Standard]

  11. Igor Dorin - It's Rock?! [Reason II Rise Music]

  12. h.x.e. & State72 - Find Your Heart [Nocturnal Knights Music]

  13. Michael Kaelios - Sunblast [Regenerate]

  14. Luke van Ness - Skyline [Extrema Global Music]

blinding lights rodman


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