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Best of January 2024

A little later than planned but here is my Best of January 2024 mix looking back at some of my favourite records from that month.


Jendrex - Autumn (Eugenio Tokarev Remix) [Submission]

Norni - Collision [Coldharbour]

Claus Backslash - Posidonia [AVA]

Woody Van Eyden - Futureproof [High Contrast]

Jardin - Illuminate [FSOE]

SØNIN - Nano [Anjunabeats]

Jon Mangan - Solstice [FSOE]

Paul Skelton - Impromptu in C Minor [FlatLine]

Derek Ryan - Radiate [Ascent]

John Rockwell - Promises [Interplay Global]

Talla 2xlc, Airwalk3r - My Best Decision [Future Sequence]

EDU BRAVO - Air-F [Redux]

CO1N - Voyage [Monster Pure]

DB Mokk vs Fabio Franco vs Fabio Solazzo - Collider [Extrema Global Music]

ALIGASH - Quicksand [Amon Vision]

Nikolauss - Rhythm of the Universe [Subculture]

Angelus - Salvation [FSOE]

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