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February 2022 Mix

Rodman showcases his favourite 10 tracks played on The Trance Empire during the month of February.


Mark Sherry, Christina Novelli - Lighting Fires (Paul Denton Remix) [Magik Muzik]

Global Influence - Shadow Strike [Ablazing]

Daniel Skyver - We Go Again [FSOE]

LillyRazy - System Type R (Last Soldier Remix) [Last State]

Arbe & Dann - Nostalgic [Digital Society]

Kenny Palmer - Azuremyst [Trancessential]

DJ Eternity, James Dust - World in Your Hands (Alternate High Remix) [Phoenix]

NrgMind - Star Flight [Defcon]

Talla 2xlc - Serenity ([That's Trance]

Peter Miethig - True Paradise [Always Alive]


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